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Attitude Determines Altitude When Finding Hope In Life

Attitude Determines Altitude When Finding Hope In Life

Finding Hope In Life

Amidst our distraught, there is great Hope In Life. As we hope, let us hope right. To hope right is to hope in the eternal, to hope in the things that can never perish. In the Holy Scriptures in Jeremiah 17:7, it reads, “Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, and whose hope is the LORD.” This is the right way to hope, when we hope in God. 

As we hope right we hope wise. The wise way to hope is to hope in the things that will never fail. If as I hope, I am sure that the thing I hope for will be mine, now I can hope unto death. To hope unto death is to hope beyond death, to see that life will always conquer death. 

When we hope, let us hope so committed, that even if we die, our hope will be whole.

The basis of our hope is that even in death, hope breeds resurrection life.

Hope is the antidote to any despair. To hope is to see beyond the veils of the present. There is something heavenly about hope, because as we hope, we cope. From a broken yesterday we stride into tomorrow, through hope. We hope for a brighter day, a better marriage or a better car, it really doesn’t matter the subject of our hope, we just have to find the courage and hope. 

Hope is a bulb we walk with, a bulb lit with life. When this bulb meets upon darkness, darkness is consumed and we can see our way. There is power in our hope when we “Hope In Life.” As the light of life interacts with the darkness of death, life wins in that we hope. When we hope we invoke Life, when we do not hope we harbour death.

There is power in our hope, when we ‘Hope In Life’.

Hope is life. As we hope through death, it is that we hope in life. God is Life. Jesus affirmed “I Am The Truth, I Am The Way, I Am The Life.” If hope is Life, then death is irrelevant as we hope in the midst of death. As we desire to hope, we are met with death. Some deaths are so dreadful that it might seem that death will win. When we travel through death with hope, it is inevitable that we will experience life over death.  
Life and death cannot co-exist, similar to how darkness and light cannot exist in the same place. It is important that we hope, because when we hope we chose life over death. Some people travel with the world on their heads. Some people travel with a load so heavy, yet Jesus is offering a load so light. Let us not lose our hope because of what’s going on. Let us not carry the world on our heads. As hope is life, let us hope in life, and constantly declare ‘my hope is in God.’

Being Faithful In What’s Going On

Hoping means we are faithful in the midst of what’s going on. If we are faithful in the hard times then God will give us good times. One day I was speaking to my mother on the phone. As I spoke to her, she sounded quite fed up with the drought because it hadn’t rained for a while. My mommy didn’t always complain, but this time she did, because she was so desperate for rain. 

In due time if you faint not, God will send the rain.

A few days later she said “we got some rain yesterday, it’s very nice at this point.” At that point I felt her joy, because she longed for rain and now it rained. I said to her, you should be very happy now, and her response was “I’m very happy to say the least.” At that moment, I heard God in the distant pointing out this great life lesson. Be faithful in the drought as you hope for the rain. In due time at the right time, God will send the rain. The God of the drought, is the same God of the rain.

I implore you to hope. Hope in the Lord and His faithfulness. Don’t give up but rather live up. Be strong in your brokenness and continue to hope, even if it means you die. Be Blessed!

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