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A Lesson From The Chinese Bamboo Tree

A Lesson From The Chinese Bamboo Tree

Lesson from the chinese bamboo tree

The growth of the Chinese Bamboo Tree gives us a life lesson that cannot be ignored. This Lesson from the Chinese Bamboo Tree will empower us to see beyond our present situations. As we go through life, it may seem like we are going nowhere. We may also feel like we are achieving nothing. However, if we study the growth of the Chinese Bamboo Tree, we can learn a life lesson to keep us going in troubling times.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

All of nature cries with wisdom, the wisdom that created all things. As we grow and as we go, let us not lose faith. Let us keep sight of the beautiful scenery of life that exists and let us be empowered to go on. 

Growth can be a very complicated process. We may be dormant for many years and it may seem like we are going nowhere. Often it may seem as if we are left behind as we move along. This might be our reality but this lesson of the Chinese Bamboo Tree can keep us through the most discouraging times.

Discouraging Times Can Lead You Into Flourishing Times

The Long Wait

Like any other plant, the Chinese bamboo tree will require water, sunshine and soil in order to grow and to develop. After the Chinese Bamboo seed is planted, in its first year, there are no visible signs of any growth activity. At this point it may seem as if the bamboo seed has died. The second year, after the bamboo tree continues to receive water and nourishment there is still no visible sign of growth.

In the third and fourth year, after years in the ground, still nothing happens to the bamboo tree that was planted. After five years however, we see one of the great miracles of plant growth. At the end of four long years of watering and caring for the bamboo plant, it will finally emerge from the ground. In just six weeks, it will reach an average height of 80 feet.

The Life Lesson

Now what is this lesson that the bamboo tree brings to us? The great yet simple lesson is to never give up because your time has not yet come. It is important for us to endorse the many seasons we travel through and to know that change is inevitable. Imagine what the bamboo tree would be thinking if it was a person and seeing all the others around growing away into the sky. Many people will give up at this point but the lesson here is to keep going. For four years the bamboo tree establishes its root system so that it can manage the exponential growth coming.

The Great Yet Simple Lesson Is To Never Give Up Because Your Time Has Not Yet Come.

Maybe we can’t understand how God is working in our lives but what we should understand is who God is. God is a Master Builder and whatever He does is well done. The race is not for the swift nor for the one who grows faster than the rest. Nonetheless,the race is for those who endure to the very end. Maybe we might be thinking that our efforts are going unnoticed or are yielding no fruits. This is farthest from the truth.Truth is, at some point we will catapult into the expanse of the purpose of our lives. The key thing is to keep going and to never quit.

As We Conclude

While going about your day, you might be experiencing stunted growth or maybe you might feel you are not growing at all. As the seasons change, so will your change be. One day you will suddenly realize that God is really faithful in completing the work He started in you. I cannot say this enough, that the key thing is to never give up. Keep strategizing your way to where God would have you go. Be Blessed Today!

Helpful Prayer: Dear God, I pray that You will help me to learn from the bamboo tree and how it grows. I am sorry for the times when I doubt You and what You are doing in my life, and I pray that I will be more faithful and less fearful about the future You have for me. Guide me I pray. Amen.

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