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5 Attitudes That Will Get You Through The Hardest Times

5 attitudes that will get you through the hardest times.

5 Attitudes That Will Get You Through The Hardest Times

It is often quite a challenge, as we navigate the difficult moments we experience in our lives. In light of this difficulty, there are 5 attitudes we must adopt, that will get us through the hardest times. Life’s uncertainty can get us really anxious, and we must adapt a resilient spirit, if we are to harness victory from the fountain of life.

I have a friend who will never go on a roller coaster ride. His argument is that he stays away from whatever he’s not able to control. 

Eventhough my friend is able to stay away from roller coasters, there are some situations we cannot escape. Sometimes our only way out, is going right through. In difficult and uncertain moments, it is our attitude that will determine our altitude. We have little control over the issues of life, but we have total control over how to respond to them. 

We can live in fear, or we can trust God and live by faith. 

What happens when you travel through the most difficult times?

Time is duration. It is the passing of our struggles and the lasting of our pains. The question is “how do we endure the most difficult of times?” This question is relevant because endurance is our only hope. We must endure our difficulties in order to find victory from the well of life.

Many times we travel through the most perilous of times. Times when we are wounded with indelible aches, yet these are times that we must undertake. In our most difficult moments, we become filled with hurt, and fear and hopelessness. We are often most vulnerable, when we pass through our troubled waters, yet we must stay afloat. The battle was not meant to break us, it was meant to make us better and stronger than before.

In our hardest times, let us remember the hills from whence cometh our help. Our Redeemer lives, and He wants to see us being the overcomers that we are. 

As we travel through the badlands, our only hope is to make it through.

Navigating Our Hard Times

As we challenge the inevitable, let’s remain calm in our spirits, knowing that it will all become our past. Let’s adapt the understanding that our life is made up of many seasons, and this is just one of them. 

There is nothing new happening to you, and you are never in it alone. The same God who called the heavens and the earth to come forth, is the same God who has proclaimed your redemption. Don’t be afraid.

I know there are people who have been so battered that they change in form. I remember one day I was in the elevator going to my apartment, and little did I know that I looked really worried. A very friendly lady entered the elevator for a short while and as she came off she uttered, “have a good day and don’t worry so much.”

I didn’t know that I looked so sad. At that time I was in some serious trouble with my family life. My life was falling apart and I was so unsure. I was a homeless and hopeless little man trying to make sense of what was going on. Was God really there or did He shortfall on His Word? 

As I reflected on the life giving words from the lady on the elevator, I consider how they are so bitter sweet. On the one hand, she made such a huge impact that shifted my mood, yet on the other hand her words pointed out a perplexed me. 

My Point

You might wonder what’s the point I am trying to get at here. I am trying to point you to some strategies you can employ in your life, that will help you to endure your difficult moments. As we travel in time, we travel through our badlands. Whether it be poverty in its many forms, or sickness or loneliness, we often cry for help. I want to point you to this help.

Sometimes help is so hard to find yet help is everywhere. All things are for us as much as God is for us. In our distraught, if we just remember Who is for us, then we will know that He Who is for us, is greater than he who is against us. 

Here are five attitudes that we can all adapt, in order to reach our individual destinations. 

5 Attitudes That Will Get You Through The Hardest Times


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1. Never Give Up

Never giving up is predominant among the 5 attitudes that will get you through the hardest times. The most important decision that you can ever make, is the decision to press forward no matter how hard life gets. To Never Give Up means that as you travel through life’s most challenging moments, you keep going. Life will get hard but keep going. 

You will fall down sometimes, yet get up, girth your stance and keep going. It doesn’t matter which direction our problems come from, what matters it that each situation that comes, we challenge it the same way, To Never Give Up.

 2.Burn Your Bridges : 

Another important thing you must do in order to continue, is to make sure you can’t go back. As we speak about the 5 attitudes that will help you get through the hardest times, this is probably the most important one. This is because the past is often the most difficult to let go. To burn the bridges means to cut all ties that would lead you back into the past so as to ensure you have to go on. 

Given the choice to go back or to stay, we naturally go back. Going back is the easier option and that’s why we have to make sure we can’t go back.

I remember in my younger years I migrated from my home country. I anticipated that I would have experienced some hard times and what I did was I sold everything I had and I resigned from my job. I remember when I migrated I wondered “What have I just done?” I wanted to go back home so badly, but each time I remembered that I had nothing to go back to, I kept going.  Are you able to do the same thing? 

Can you detach yourself from your past, in order to advance into your future? If you need some help doing this, Here’s a resource that can help. I’m Breaking Up With My Past: 11 Verses for Living Free

3. Be Faithful In Learning The Many Lessons: 

Some of the most sacred and life changing lessons are learnt in the fiery furnace of our own despair. When our wounds bleed, we empathize with the ones who bleed. As life processes us through its furnace, it also purifies us as gold. 

Some of the most humble and loving people I have met are those who have passed through hell but made it out alive. In your faithfullness just keep going, and be strong while learning the lessons as you move along.

A strong person is not born strong, but rather learns to be strong. We must pass the tests of life in order to advance into our full potential. As we fall down, we learn to get up. When we have to be strong, we learn to be strong. 

4. Empower Yourself:

Self empowerment is a key attitude, if ever we should make it through the hardest times. Almost all the knowledge that we lack is somewhere hidden in a book or a blog or in someone’s heart. Don’t be afraid to empower yourself beyond your weakness, because that is the death of weakness. 

Saturate yourself with power and life giving truth and the fear and the bewilderment will vanish. Work on yourself, take care of yourself and find peace with the thought that it will be well. If it’s not ok just know it is not the end because in the end it will be ok. Keep Going.

5. Empower Those Around You

Little did you know, that as you empower your surrounding, you are empowered. As you utter the breath of life in someone else’s situation, this breath of life is sufficient for you. There have been many instances where I was able to empower the people around me while empowering my own self. 

Sometimes the words that I speak I have never heard before. Often when I read over what I write, I am truly blessed. In your own little way, empower the people you interact with. It may be through your conversations, or your writing, or your presence. It really doesn’t matter how, what matters is that you offer such kindness as to empower the people around you.

As We Conclude

The human being is so gifted that we can stand up to any occasion and be strong. We can use our boldness to conquer our fear and use our enlightenment to trample our despair. 
As you travel through your own badlands, be bold. As Bob Marley once said, “You Never Know How Strong You Are Until Being Strong Is The Only Option You Have.”  You have the breath of life so be strong and keep going. Be Blessed!

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