Powered to Empower

The Powered To Empower website was established on the idea that Empowered individuals can greatly Empower the people around them. The most important tool we have is our mind and if we are able to Empower our minds then we will not only be able to change our own lives but also the lives of the people around us. Our goal is to provide the necessary resources that will influence positive change in the lives of the people we interact with.

We believe that God has given man the power to become what he envisions. Our mission is to Empower the Powerless because Empowered People will Empower people. We want to build long lasting relationships with people who desire to be and to do their best, not in a selfish way but in a way that will be beneficial to all people regardless of our differences. We believe in Empowering the Powerless!

Our Mission

We have a simple mission and it is this: We Empower The Powerless To Empower The Powerless.

The Powered To Empower was established to help people to find their power.All people have power.God placed in man His very nature when He made him…

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Meet Our Founder

Orlando Rowe has been an inspiration to many. As a product of the Jamaican countryside, he knows what it's like to challenge the terrains of despair, and to find victory in the wells of life. He is a simple young man who operates off the instructions of his purpose. Mr. Rowe is driven by the need he sees in this broken world.
Orlando Rowe

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