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If we search the Bible through, we will find it saturated with Truth. I believe that God gave us Truth, because as the scripture says, The Truth Will Set You Free….

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Our aim is to connect you with someone who cares. That's why we partner with some of god's most brilliant servants.

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Daily reflection should be a very essential part of our everyday activities. We do this through the activity of meditation. Meditation is deep thought. When the business of life is at hand, we need a space to undress…

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Fear is so crippling, that it rids us of our ability to achieve our divine goals. When we look at ‘What The Bible Says About Fear,’ we can learn a lot that will help us to live more abundantly…

Prayer Changes Things!

Join us in prayer and let's move mountains together!


I run from your presence to somewhere I can’t go,I’m filled with pretence the grief that I show… continue reading

In The Dark

Have you ever been stuck in the dark? Have you ever been imprisoned in the darkness of the dark?… continue reading

Music of the Bows

I hear the sounds of the rain,Warring against the grains…Crippling all the chains, Till they are slain… continue reading


There’s more to being around you, To taste the music of your smile. I find that when I’m around you, My life… continue reading

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