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5 Important Doors Never To Open In Your Life

5 Important Doors Never To Open In Your Life

There are some ‘Doors Never To Open In Your Life’, and there are some doors that you must both open and enter into. The direction in which we go, we’ll go, and in which we have gone, are all results of the decisions we have made.  We should be adamant as we guard our lives from destructive pathways, and as we move, we should choose the right doors to enter into.

In our most decisive moment, let us never forget that God is there with us as He has promised.

Deuteronomy 31:8 ‘And the LORD ,He it is that doth go before thee; He will be with thee, He will not fail thee, neither forsake thee, fear not, neither be dismayed.’

The thing about making decisions is that it is serious business. Matters of life are serious. It is serious whether you entertain destruction or whether you choose to walk away. The sooner we realize the importance of the decisions that we make, the sooner we will start making better ones. 

When you open ‘Doors Never To Open In Your Life,’ you will be going in a direction you don’t want to go, and living a life you can never celebrate. This is the story of many people you see, but don’t let this be your story. Don’t let the drive towards economic freedom, or the need to please others to lead you down a path on which you are lost.

Don’t just allow things to happen, make things happen. Be a good driver, and steer your life in a direction in which you are well pleased.

There are some decisions we must never make. Our decisions will open and close the doors of our lives and so it is important to make wise ones. There are some Doors Never to Open In Your Life, and as a result we should try our best to keep these doors closed.

Making this decision to keep these doors closed will not only benefit us, but it will also benefit the people around us. The following are a list of 5 Doors Never to Open In Your Life. If you have walked away from any of these doors, don’t reopen them, keep going.

1. The Door Of A Painful Past

When it comes to Doors Never To Open In Your Life‘, The past is long and gone and we should never stay in it or ever open the door that leads us there. It is often very easy to go back in the direction of our past, because after spending so many years in it, moving forward becomes difficult. How can you just get up and forget the culprits of your past? You may feel justified to hold on to this grudge, but Letting Go of Yesterday will help you more than it can ever help anyone else.

When we have moved on from our rugged past, let us continue to move forward. Looking back will rekindle the fire that once burned. The wounds that almost healed could be wounds that bleed again, if ever we should open the door to yesterday’s pain. In the bible God wanted to lead the children of Israel into the promised land but they wanted to go back to Egypt. Egypt was their past and the Promised Land was their future. 

The past was a very sad place for the  Israelites. They were slaves in the land of Egypt and their labour was very great.I can only imagine what they could have been thinking to want to go back to the slavery of their past. The obvious answer is that the past was very predictable yet so painful. The uncertainty of the future can keep us dwelling in the past. We must however make peace with the past to release the great future that awaits us. let us keep the door of our past closed and let us move forward now.

2. A Door That God Has Closed

Be very careful not to open a door that God has closed. If we believe God to be Who He really Is, then let us trust Him. What ever door God closes in our lives is worth the close.God sees in the distant we do not see, and He prepares us for what is coming. If it means closing some doors then let us leave them closed. 

The Bible explains God as being the One who Opens doors that no one can shut and Who closes doors that no one can open. Dare us to interfere in God’s Sovereign business. Often due to our own disobedience, we travel the broad way that leads us into hell. God is really saying that we should take the narrow way that leads to life. Don’t ever allow the sin that can so easily ensnare us to cause us to err into hell. Trust God and be at peace when He decides to close doors that mean us no good.

3. The Door Of A Toxic Relationship

Our most revered relationships can make us and also break us. Pay attention to the toxicity of bad relationships and be wise in your choices. The reality is ,there are some people who are just not good for us. Toxic relationships are bad for all the people involved. Sometimes God just wants to save us from the trauma and the hurt that usually become our reality. It is better to stay alone that the stay with someone who doesn’t enhance your person.

When you have moved on take this as a blessing. Often the doors that are left behind are not good for us. We must be prompt to recognize the unnecessary and the bad and we must welcome the good with opened arms. Often this is the obvious thing to do but the thing is we do not do it. We allow our emotions to lead us into the destruction that we once knew.

As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his foolishness.

The Book of proverbs speaks about the one who returns to his foolishness as being a fool. These may be harsh words but truth can be harsh. When you have gone on from you folly, keep on. As you go remember it is up to you to do the things that are wise and worthy. “Who is a wise man,”a friend once asked. He then went on to say, a wise man is not the man who thinks wise things but it is the man who does wise things. Practice wisdom!

4. The Door Outside Your Purpose

If we should sum this all up, then it is safe to say that whatever door that is not good for us is a door that we should avoid. There are many people who are living outside their purpose and for sure these are some really miserable people. They get up in the morning, in a city they do not like to go to a job they hate badly. These people travel with a really heavy load, yet this is by choice. 

Put careful though in making the decision to go down a particular road. If your heart isn’t in it then it is not worth it. Don’t allow the pressures of our modern world to allow you to live a life you cannot celebrate. Live the life that fulfills your life’s mission. This is a life that you will live in peace and freedom.

The most miserable I have ever been is when I’m around the wrong people doing the wrong things.Whenever I am busy going in the wrong direction, I have no sense of fulfillment. This is the story for many of us. We wake up in situations we do not love and we continue for a lifetime. The moment you realize that you are going in the wrong direction, reroute and return to your rightful place. Don’t waste your life going in the wrong direction, find you place and live!

5. A Good Door That Is Bad For You

Not every good door is good for you. A good situation may be right for one person but bad for a next one. If the decider and the decision are not compatible, then the decision should not be made. It is perfectly fine to be a writer but not everyone will want to do this. I love writing and so I write. Some people like to teach, others like to protect lives. Whatever you like doing, do it will all your heart. If your heart isn’t in it then you should probably rethink and ensure you are making the right decision.

We are all different, not in a way that causes division, but in a way that unites us as one. Take the body for example. Each organ performs a different function yet all come together to make the body function perfectly.. Don’t force yourself to go in a direction your are not meant to go. Walk in our own lane, travel your own path and as you find your way, be strong.

As We Conclude

When faced with many doors, it is important that we open the right ones. Be strong as you move along and even when you open the wrong door, the moment you realize it’s wrong, begin the process of getting out. Be blessed and never give up!

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