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There are numerous life changing books that offer us solid information and sound teachings. However, there are some that stand out from the crowd. These books contain such potency, that they will fuel our engines in our most destitute moments. 

Featured New Book

Broken:When The Pieces Fall Apart

By:Orlando Rowe | Sold on Kindle and in printed form.

As you explore the hidden pages of this exceptional book, you will realize that brokenness can either build you or break you. Learn More

Available for purchase soon


7 Powers Of Man

Jermaine James

7 Powers of Man beautifully unleashes the truth that all people have power. These are the 7 powers needed to accomplish anything in life; however, they are often dormant or underused. This book will inform, inspire and re-fire the reader to be all s/he was meant to be.

The Poet's Way

Orlando Rowe

These poems were written in the midst of real life. Some are spiritual, some are of love, but they all motivate you to be the best you. Delve into this ocean of rhyme and rhythm and experience the life changing impact of poetry. Order your copy today!

CAD$ 4.44

The Perfect Counselling Manual

Jermaine James

The Perfect Counselling Manual proves that the Holy Bible is indeed a relevant, reliable and competent counselling resource, contrary to popular belief. The book unravels many mysteries about humanity from a Biblical perspective, touching on the human design, mental illness...

Featured Authors

Meet some of the authors we endorse

Orlando C. Rowe

Orlando C. Rowe

As far back as he can remember, Orlando has been writing. His latest book, 'Broken', delivers a message that is will empower you to see beyond the present into the great expanse of the future.

Jermaine J. James

Jermaine J. James

World renowned author Jermaine James has authored several books and is also the founder of the motivational clothing line Pur-pose. Visit his website at www.pur-pose.ca to learn more.

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