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The Past, The Present and The Future

The Past, The Present and The Future

Every day we are greeted with the past, the present and the future. On the one hand, the past reminds us of who we have been, the present compels us to challenge the future and the future inscribe on us the beautiful possibilities that exist. Who we are and will be depend upon these three daily friends, we can be bitter or we can be better.

The thing about the past is that it only exist in our minds and hearts even though its marks can be so indelible. At any given moment ,all we have is that moment and what we constantly do is the determining factor of what will be our past and what will pave the way to our future.

We should constantly live in a way that our future self will look back and be very proud of who we have been and our present self realizing the power we have to create the future.

The Present Is A Prophecy Of The Future. Show me what you do today and I can predict if your future will be fruitful or barren. Do not be deceived for as the Bible says, God is not mocked, a person will surely reap what he or she sows. God has set the principles of life and the laws that govern us. Whenever a farmer sows a grain of corn it is 100% certain that he will reap a crop of corn. It is very similar for us for if we sow seeds of evil and cynicism then we will surely reap the evils of our actions.

I have no power to condemn and even so I would have to first condemn myself because of my own filthiness, but what I do have is the unction to inform you that it is much more profitable to sow good seeds in the present in order to reap a profitable future crop. What I can also say is that life is not a respecter of persons and the laws that exist govern us all. 

Let Us Conclude With These Points;

  •  Carefully consider what you do in the present moment knowing that every act will yield a harvest, good or bad.  
  • The past and the future are both dependent on what you constantly do, on the one hand ,every present moment will become the past and future moments all depend on what we are doing now.
  • Don’t allow a disappointing moment to determine your life. You have total control to govern your life through God’s grace and guidance, and you must take hold of your life and constantly become better.

The Present Is A Prophecy Of The Future. Show me what you do today and I can predict if your future will be fruitful or barren. 

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