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To Love Others Truly We Have To Look Beyond Their Faults

To Love Others Truly We Have To Look Beyond Their Faults

In a world overshadowed with disappointments and deceit, we will learn that to love others truly we will have to look beyond their faults. It is very easy to see the faults of others. We often look away from our own filthiness, perhaps in scorn, and we criticize the shortfalls of people around us. 

If two people are in a fight, most times each will tell what the other has done, but they seldom see their own mishaps. The truth is that  I cannot overstate the importance of seeing ourselves for who we really are, not trying to decorate our scorn but to own up to our present persons. It is only when we own up to who we are that we can make way for change. A person who is sick and doesn’t think they are will find no need for a doctor and will never be better. Similarly a person who cannot own up to their present state, can never accept, reroute and move on.

May God help us to see beyond the mistakes of others, into the beautiful fields of gold that exists within them. May we realize that the beauty of a person is not so much in what they have done, but it is in who they really are and in whose they are. Our worth is not found anywhere else but in the glorious image in which God has created us. We should live with the knowledge that none of us have it all together. Humans rise and fall, they experience the joys and the sorrows of this life. Even though we have enormous differences , together we struggle in a broken world. Compassion should be the order of our days, everyday. Compassions doesn’t mean we shouldn’t see the sin, it just means we should forgive the sinner.
I pray that God will lead us where He wants us and that we will all experience His abounding love. When we experience God’s great love, a love with such strong rage, only then will we be able to see beyond the faults of others and judge less but love more. Position yourself in the way of God’s love, because as the sun, it shines it rays to cover us all. The love of God is so far stretched that it can reach the most intimate wounds. It is so forgiving that it remits the most wretched souls. I pray that God will help you on your way, and that you will regard the grace of love much more than the scorn of hate.

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