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It Is Important To Move Forward Now

It Is Important To Move Forward Now

Move Forward Now

If we carefully meditate on our lives, we might realize that many of the things we have not achieved is a result of our lack of ability to Move Forward Now . It is easy to beat around the bush and put things off, but we need to cripple the demon of procrastination, in order to reach our destinations. 

We are all faced with situations we wish we could undo. Life is of such that when a moment passes by, it is very impossible to recover that moment. The thing about the past is that it doesn’t exist outside our minds. However, the past can have the most severe impacts on our lives. The past is long gone, the future hasn’t yet come, and all we have is NOW! Now is the time to act, and to ensure our future self is proud of who we become.

Whatever you do, you must ensure that your future self will be proud of you. It is up to us to do the things that are true and just, and what is unselfish and wise. Do not live in the prison of the past. The worst prison to be in is a prison that only exists in our minds. You cannot live in the future, because the future is dependent upon now. Without now, we can have no future. Our job is to be proactive in the here and now, redeeming every minute that is at our disposal. We must then use these minutes as the building blocks of our future.  

The past is long gone, the future hasn’t yet come and all we have is NOW! Now is the time to act and to ensure that our future self is proud of who we have become

Consider the things you are doing now. Carefully analyze them while considering what path they are creating for you. Life is governed by laws, and that’s why when you throw a soccer ball in open air it falls back to the ground. We just cannot defy the law of gravity. 

Consider the farmer and note, ‘if a farmer plants a grain of corn, he can never reap a pineapple. The farmer reaps what he or she sows. It is the same with us, there are laws that have been set by God that govern our very existence. The Bible states “ Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.” Galatians 6:7

We should be conscious of the fact that everything we do will affect us in some way. We must move forward in benevolence and grace, walking with our Lord and partaking of His righteousness. In all our actions, let us do what is right and what is wise. The right thing to do might not be the most convenient and might demand more efforts, nonetheless the right thing to do, is the wise thing to do. Let’s do wisdom and not merely think we are wise.

The right thing to do might not be the most convenient and might demand more efforts, nonetheless the right thing to do is the wise thing to do.


Move Forward in Faith

It is very clear in the Bible regarding faith and how important it is as we walk with God. The Bible states “Without faith it is impossible to please God.” There are many scriptures about faith but this to me is the most important. This scripture has to do with our very existence and purpose in this life, to walk with our God while submitting to His laws. 

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The law of faith states that “Faith without work is dead.” We must move forward as active doers of faith. As we do this, we give life to the lifeless. Faith is the substance of the things we hope for and the evidence of the things we do no see. As we travel in time, let us not be bombarded by the diversities of the realities that surround us. However, let us look through lens of faith. Faith will see through the situation and see the hands of God working things out for good. When we believe, we will see beyond death, upon the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Faith is the evidence we have that it will be well as we pass through the shadow of death and as we partake of the painful realities that exist. Let’s not look back, but let us keep pressing towards a future of which our witness is our faith. Let us forget the things left behind and abhor the temptations dwelling in the past. Let us then move forward in this very moment and at this very time. Moving forward begins now and I implore you to begin.

At this moment, in this very time, you are present now. Make the most of now. Empower the now with purpose and inspire the future with faith. Be Blessed!


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