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The Joy

The Joy

The Joy’


The joy of the Lord is my strength,

It alights my proceedings, I cannot prevent.

I’m captured by the rapture, lost on a high,

For in my space there’s just Christ and I.


This benignity of grace I cannot unfold,

I inflate in the splendor and Jah I behold.

Warming my soul, affecting my wound,

Im embellished and relished, in Christ I’m ballooned!


He stretched my smile with no bounds,

Oh what a joy that fills my surrounds.

That even my teardrops are crowned with stance,

I’m engulfed in the music of a heavenly romance.


Nothing else can take Your place,

You conquer deep and all erase.

Oh my Lord, my strength has been Thy joy,

Your yoke is easy, the enemy within You destroy!!

~Orlando Rowe

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