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Secret Songs

‘Secret Songs’   Some most sacred songs are secret songs, Songs we sing in the plight of night. The strings of praise, when the pang

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Great Father

‘Great Father’   Great father of all, Hear my cry Oh Lord, Tis my stand, lest I fall, Yet I abide till we concord!  

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Come By

‘Come By’   Im heaven with a burden, You see! Hear these groans that groan in me The depression of my soul is nigh, Come

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A Whisper

‘A Whisper’   When I seek a word, I often deflate, Such words won’t find their way. Yet a whisper is a song that waits,

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‘Again’ When morning surrenders, I’m there again, Calling and bawling, I pour my pain! Before the sun, I rise and complain, Cries in my eyes,

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