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Some things are worth the while. When we place great value on a particular subject, we tend to go the extra mile to express such value. This poem was written to share with someone special. Share it with someone else.



There’s more to being around you,

To taste the music of your smile,

I find that when I’m around you,

My life becomes worthwhile!


And I couldn’t sleep last night,

For within every second was the thought of you,

My pillow so crowded with a song I now rewrite,

Every word is true, you render me new!


When morning comes and I don’t see your face,

I begin to hunger for your embrace…

And I thank the heavens beyond the dew,

That every part of me, they are so deeply in love with you!!


Thanks for coming, I’m lost for words to express,

I’m filled with all your beauty that in my heart undress…

And your smile, when I see you smile,

The heavenly realm is opened, and life becomes worthwhile!!


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