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I Do

I Do

‘I Do’


What I desire not to do I do,

I fight my fleshy treasures, but they defeat me too.

I armor and parade, I girth my stance,

I fall from grace and die at once.


I plead my cause, I can’t comply,

Oh who will save me when I cry?

My vanity knocks me over, lost in the wild,

Fractured and bruised and obedient like a child


I climb on His Holy Mountain,

For I know there is a fountain

Filled with a Lambs great sacrifice,

For “who can save me but the Christ”


For sin has me in its captivity,

Oh, I’m challenged by my livity.

Comely Jah, Thy priesthood conquers all,

You project to my sound and hear me as I bawl.


~Orlando Rowe

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