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With Love, My Valentine!

With Love, My Valentine

‘With Love, My Valentine’


How do I put pen to page,

To tell a truth that cannot change…

I look within my rest, and wrestle with the vine,

And present, to you, with love my valentine!



I find courage though I’m broken,

To unwrap to you my token

Lost a wretched, I stand affirmed, amidst the crying,

And I run to you, with love, my valentine.



How simple is a humble crave,

Oh I long to be thy slave.

I’m lost in your benignity, drunken in the wine,

So I perish, to live, with love, my valentine.



Take me as is, without any form of comeliness,

But though the least, I fight for your arrest….

Alight in me and let me be, capture my design,

Christ my Lord, accept me as I am; with love, my valentine.



~Orlando Rowe~

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