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Little By Little

Little By Little

Often, what seems as if we are losing our way, is really us finding our way. We do this Little by Little. I believe that we are in a constant evolution. This evolution is a spiritual one that transforms us into what God has predestined for us. 

The Bible states (Exodus 23:30) that God has given us gifts so that we are able to edify the church. God wants the church to come into unity of faith. He also wants to transform us into the measure and stature of the fulness of Christ. To bring us through this evolution, God constantly does this  ‘Little by Little.’ We should celebrate the small steps and the little accomplishments because little steps are the building blocks to great achievements.

We might not be able to do the greatest things ,but we all can do little things in great ways to accomplish great things.

The children of Israel were to inhabit the promised land but God’s strategy was doing things ‘Little by Little’. God brought them through their enemies bit by bit, one step at a time. Eventually the Israelites inhabited the promised land not because of one big victory but because of many small victories. 

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As we march to our own promised lands, and defeat our enemies, let’s remember that God has us, Little by Little. Let’s endure our little steps, not despising the little but knowing that many little battles will win the big war.

Every Great Journey Begin With A Single Step

As I watched my daughter from day one, I saw that great journeys begin with a single step. My daughter transitioned from no movement to little movement to much movement. It’s amazing how she never gave up but as she fell down she rested, recuperated and rose again. It really didn’t matter how many times she fell, the only thing that mattered to her was that as she fell , she rose again. 

As I write, my daughter is moving to and fro perpetually about her business. She didn’t walk in a day or even in a month. However, through many trials and fall, she walked overtime. She came out victorious. It took consistent little steps for her to make many big ones.

We are in a similar position now because life will knock us down many times. As we fall, let us rise and let us win the small victories ‘Little by Little’ in order to claim the big war. It is never in the amount of times we get knocked down, but it is how much we can rise after we fall and continue to move along. God wants to bring us to our destinations but He does this little by little. Our job is to remain faithful and trust God’s ability to help us as we go. I implore you to continue to trust Him in the Little, and Be Blessed!

Helpful Prayer: Dear God, I pray for the spirit of endurance that I may finish the race that you have put me in. I pray that you will strengthen me through your grace.  Remind me dear God, that I have been made to endure to the end. Help me as I help the people around me. Amen.

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