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Mom’s Love, The Perfect Example of God.

Mama's Love, The Perfect Example of God

Mom’s Love, The Perfect Example of God.

The love of a mother is a great force that affects us all. A mother will love you beyond your pain and will heal you. There could be no society without mothers as they are one of the most important ingredient. One this day and everyday, let us celebrate our mothers because without them where would we be? I wrote this poem for a group of mothers in celebration of Mother’s Day. Do enjoy!

“Mama’s Love”


Mama’s Love is like a storm, knocking me out,

I can’t contend with mama’s love, it pours from all about.

It rises to the summit, and reigns with the sun,

Mama’s love it stands alone, mama’s love is number one

It cuts me deep inside, from her love I cannot hide,

For even when she casts the rod, her arms are opened wide.

Oh I’m incarcerated, overwhelmed and saturated,

Miles away I remember mama, she can’t be fabricated.

Time has bred the distance, still there’s no resistance,

Mama’s love can swim, it quells with such insistence.

It is armoured and paraded, mama’s love can persuade,

I feel no pain, I can’t abstain, her love’s my barricade.

Mama’s love climbs the mountain, and wrestles with the lion,

It pours like a fountain from the hills of Zion.

Oh I miss my mama so, I long for her like there’s no tomorrow,

Mama’s love it aims and triggers, and bores me like an arrow.

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