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In The Dark

In The Dark

Have you ever been stuck in the dark? Have you ever been imprisoned in the darkness of the dark? If you have been in the dark, then you will believe me when I say, it is not a nice place to be. As we travel through the dark we must see the light. In the midst of lightlessness, let’s be light. The Bible says that we are the light of the world. This means that in every dark situation we must use our light to navigate our way out.

This poem is was written from a dark place. My hope is that you will not get comfortable in darkness, but that you will find the need to turn on your own light and ride your way through. As you read, may you be blessed!

In The Dark

In the darkness of the dark,

Often souls find spark…

In the grave, in solitude,

Something cradles in the brood!

Sightlessness can hinder sail,

Yet dark awakes a light,

It’s what happens after night… 

For life is roused a deep,

Our flames find franchise as we sleep!

And lest a seed be gone away,

A seed’s not rescued in the day!


Still faith finds courage when it’s tested,

Death finds power resurrected.

Nothing can’t hold me down,

If I die, I must rebound!

And at the darkest side of dark,

In Christ my soul shall spark.

For I find cradle in the deep…

And in my spirit, I’ll ever leap!!

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