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The dreams I dreamed, they scream,

At me, in me, with me, crying; redeem!

For I’ve slept, as darkness intercepts me,

But the dreams I dreamed shall me free!

Visions in the night, clasping tight,

As I plight, I might endure if I fight.

Visions in the night, they haunt my place,

And they unravel my space and revamp my case!

I mustn’t rest till I reach, till I reach,

Dreams I dreamed incessantly preach!!

And the distant truth awakes my youth,

The dreams I dreamed shall ever recruit…

Are the dreams I dreamed, redemption songs,

They awake the bells, bells that bong!

Dreams I dreamed they guide me along,

The dreams I dreamed, ‘Redemption Songs’!!

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