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I’ll Remember You

I’ll Remember You

I’ll Remember You


You’ve played with my feelings like a child in the yard,

You snap on my intellect with no mercy, so hard.

I go about the day with the memory that lives on so true,

There wasn’t a sad moment to share, and I will remember you.


I blame nature for introducing you, to impact my emotions,

I blame the past that can’t be changed, the future that’s no more.

I breathe every minute with a smile behind the blue,

Amidst all the sorrow and pain, I will remember you.


I still search for the light that terminates the dark,

For that gentle heart, that’ll bring back the spark.

That brings out the colour in me, some one true,

Till the rain is at ending, and eagles don’t soar, I’ll remember you.


Will tears ever cease, loneliness decease, will stars ever shine?

Will the deed of my heart ever come to be mine?

I know you’ve gone on, everything that you do I agree,

But all that I ask, could you please….. Remember me.


I search for an angel that’s so hard to find, an angel so true,

An angel of passion, of sincerity divine, an angel like you.



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