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If You Could Be My Valentine

If You Could Be My Valentine

This Poem ‘If You Could Be My Valentine,’ is perfect if you are looking for something to share on any special day. Valentines is usually celebrated in February, but love can be celebrated everyday. You can share a token of love with your spouse, fiance or special someone 365 times per year and it will still be worthwhile.

In short, the poem is a promise to your love, that if they are kind enough to be your valentine, then you will inturn shower them with an unconditional and untamable love. It is an invitation to that special person in your life, to be your valentines, not just one day, but always. 

Do enjoy every line, and also share it with that special someone.

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If you could be my Valentine


To an angel who lives among men, who smiles to sweet the air,

If I could shine just like the sun, I would melt away your fear?

If wishes come true, if access be granted, then I want you to be mine,

Till the moon turns silver, and the sky is faded, won’t you be my valentine.


I’d pamper your aches to joy, and make your discomfort a place to rest,

If I should be just like a bird, I’d want you in my lonely nest.

Flowers they bloom and some they wither, but all stars they shine,

As food to the tongue everyday, would you be my valentine?


You’re like an epidemic, I can’t find no cure to take u from my imagination,

Just tell of all such beauty, from where you’ve upbuild sensation.

To take me away to the farthest seas, with such charm so fine,

Some things you just can’t be, but won’t you be my valentine.


Tears become fearless, joy becomes pain, and I go without a smile,

Without the anchor to sail on, without the vision of the mile.

Like two birds soar to rescue, could you, with me combine,

For ever and ever, till shadows evolve, could you be my valentine?

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