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I Love Me

I Love Me

I Love Me

I love me, the originality of my inner part,

I love the flare and flavour that complete my heart.

Time has been a blessing, to make me into a wonderful soul,

To shape me with such beauty, into a perfect whole


I love me, the simplicity of my every move,

As the days go by, this fact I so much prove.

The power of thoughts, I use to move the mountain,

I grasp the hope from yesterday till I reach the end.


I admire the way I pardon wrong, how I fight to do the right,

My courage makes me strong, like a kindle in the light.

I’ll never praise myself, but rather I acknowledge me,

In every little way I like the one I always be.


So be you, love being you, adjust to be your truth,

I implore the little toddler, and the bigger youth.

Because nothing is more precious, than to be myself so true,

Look at yourself and first say that “I love you”.


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