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My Dearest

My Dearest

My Dearest!


You cross my mind like the wind cross the trees,

You sway with my thoughts like sand in the breeze.

I greed you, when in and out I breathe so dare,

I wonder if you’re close, cause I feel you very near.


You dwell in my heart like cream in a cone,

And cement in my memory like minerals to a stone.

I feel you in my biome a thousand miles away,

And carry you in my soul from day onto day.


I digest you in me like words to the ears,

I hear your whisper all round me, and let go my fears.

Just to glance your presence, I’d merge with the tide,

To travel with the oceans, to feel you close beside.


And words lose all meaning, tongues cannot utter,

Lips become frost as in loneliness I stutter.

My heart tends to crave for you to the sight,

The stars how they glitter, as I greed in the night


~Orlando Rowe~

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