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A Whisper

A Whisper

A Whisper’


When I seek a word, I often deflate,

Such words won’t find their way.

Yet a whisper is a song that waits,

Can a listening ear, hear what whispers say?


OH, that a heart would unwind a whisper’s cry,

That thy spirit would translate my sigh…

For yet my words are few if spoken,

My speech is lost so hear my pen.


And though my ink is few and fade,

A little pen can persuade….

That my love for thee is bold,

If a whisper’s sigh should be untold…


That my whisper is heard, ‘I crave’,

For it to be known, ‘love’s strong rage!

And my whisper’s true, though fade and few,

But bold, as strong a hold, it’s true, that ‘I Love You!’



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