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6 Life Changing Books Every Christian Should Read

6 Life Changing Books Every Christian Should Read

6 Life Changing Books Every Christian Should Read

There are numerous life changing books for christians that offer a solid information and sound teachings. However, there are some that stand out from the crowd. These books contain such potency, that they will fuel our engines in our most destitute moments. 

Here I have compiled six books, that I pray will encourage you to walk the good walk of faith. Let us look at them below.

6 Life Changing Books Every Christian Should Read

The Complete Work of E.M. Bounds on Prayer
The Complete Work of E.M Bounds On Prayer

E.M Bounds was a Christian servant that specialized in prayer and praise. As I read through his work, I am amazed of how he perfectly imprints the power of prayer on our hearts.

This book is a compilation of seven books that all speak of the importance and the ways of prayer. Whether you need help praying, or you just want to read something that can motivate you on your journey, this is a must read for every child of God.

The Spirit of Leadership
The Spirit of Leadership

As a Christian, perhaps our most important responsibility is to lead. We have a life to lead, we have families to lead, and we have a church to lead. Dr. Myles Munroe breaks down leadership in a simple way and teaches us about the Spirit of leadership.

I have personally read this book, and I must say it has empowered me to be a better christian leader. It has also helped me to be a better steward of the life God has given me. I would encourage any christian (or any individual for that matter), to take some time, and learn what Dr. Myles Munroe has to teach us. 

The Purpose Driven Life
The Purpose Driven Life

When it comes to life changing books for christians, Pastor Rick Warren brings to us this masterpiece ‘The Purpose Driven Life.’ He answers for us the lifelong question that we all have, “Why Am I Here?” Rick explains to us the power of purpose and how we can all live the life that God created us to live.

One of the major struggles as a christian, is finding purpose and to live a life that exemplifies this. On your quest, I encourage you to take some time and read this amazing book. Allow it to stir up the muscles of your spirit, and point you to the cross of Christ.

Streams In The Dessert

This is one of the best books I have ever owned and read. There are days when life seems dreary, and I most often find answers in this book, so full of hope. L.B. Cowman has compiled this powerful devotional for each day of the year. I might recommend many books, but don’t leave this one from your library, because you are going to need it.

Almost always, this book is able to speak to my daily situations and fuel my engine as I go. I recommend this book because it has markedly changed my life for the better.

Battlefield Of The Mind

I remember going to a mechanic and he handed me this book as a gift. It took me a while to even take it up, but there was one time in my life when I had no other alternative. I once found out that I was experiencing a great battle, and this battle was in my mind. 

At that point I remembered this book, and I patiently venture through it’s pages. I must say, this book was worth every minute I spent reading it. It greatly opened my mind and changed my life for the better.

Joyce Meyer brings to us this book ‘Battlefield of the mind,’ explaining to us the great importance of our thoughts, in living a successful christian life. You will never regret reading this book.

The 5 Love Languages

At one point in my life I was seeking answers in regards to loving a person very close to me. I was seeking answers as to what I was doing wrong and while browsing the internet, I discovered this powerful book on relationships. Gary Chapman explains for us ‘The 5 Love Languages,’and why it is important to know then, in order to love in the right way.

After reading this book, I suddenly realized that I was just loving the wrong way. After reading this book, I found out that each person receives and gives love in a different way. I also learnt that it is very important to express love in the right way for loving to be most effective.

You can find this book and all major platforms that sell books, and you can also find an audio version on youtube. Life is very short, and I encourage you to get yourself a copy of this book, and read it until you get it. Maybe it could save a relationship you struggle with, just as it helped me in mine.


These are just some of my top books I recommend, but there are many more life changing books for christians that will change you. These life changing books will all bless your life as you walk with God.

It is very obvious that the most important resource for christians is the Bible, but I do recommend these books that are all written on Biblical principles.

I encourage you to spend some time each day reading a book, and as you read, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to His light. May God bless you with His abundant Love.

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