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Delve My Christ

Delve My Christ

‘Delve My Christ!’


Lift me to Your realm,

Force beyond my introspect,

Grandeur with the helm,

My space of being affect!


Adapt me toYour reign,

Oh majesty who girths with strength,

From thy lofty throne arraign,

I give You my consent..


Conquer my vanity,

Connect broken dreams..

Transcend me to sanity,

Almighty Might, redeem!!


Dwell in an earthen vessel,

Make my heart Your home

Save me from this wrestle,

Come park in my biome!


Cradle at my crave,

Till faith will find its stance…

Bring to quiescence the enemy’s rage,

Delve my Christ, delve my expanse!!


~Orlando Rowe

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