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I run from your presence to somewhere I can’t go,

I’m filled with pretence the grief that I show.

But when I go left I turn right, I can’t hide,

And I finally find, you and I collide.

I run to the stars when you’re on the moon,

And wish it was morning when it’s only noon.

In my heart that is tender is so much pride,

Baby I conclude to find you and I collide.

I’m wet in your love though I want to be dry,

Fate only knows for you I would die.

I collapse in the ocean on your roaming tide,

Just to know inside, you and I collide.

I want to be lost but with you I am found,

Though I so conscious in you I am drowned.

You open your arms so welcoming wide,

And I arose to find, you and I collide.

When I go left I turn right I can’t hide,

I get to know inside you and I collide.

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