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Our aim is to connect you to some of the most patient and kind counsellors who are qualified to help you through. Please leave your information with a message and we will get back to you.

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Mr James Is a professional counsellor in the Toronto area and finds great pleasure in empowering people. He is the author of the Perfect Counselling Manual and also the founder of The Sword Of The Spirit Counselling Practice. Mr James is also the founder of the motivational clothing line www.pur-pose.ca.


Dona C. Nathan is an exceptional leader in her sphere of influence. She is a certified Clinical Counselor who operates out of her counselling practice¬† ‘Live Well Counselling and Coaching services.’

To learn more about Dona or to connect with her, visit her website at www.livewellwithdona.com

I am the founder of the Powered to Empower and also a professional counsellor in the Toronto area.Having been utterly broken, I understand the challenges we often face. My passion is to see people reach beyond their shortfalls and find their greatness.. Reach out to us and let’s talk.

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