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Your Faith Has Made You Whole

Your Faith Has Made You Whole

Your Faith Has Made You Whole

In the most difficult times, it is your faith that makes you whole. Amidst the brokenness that we experience, we can be overcomers by actively using this faith. In the Bible, we learn about the lady with the issue of blood, how she used her faith in a way that made her whole.

Mark 5:34  And He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace, and be healed of your disease.”

As the lady with the issue of blood touched Jesus, the Bible tells that she was healed in that very moment. Before that, Jesus was in the midst of a crowd in the presence of many people. I can imagine that Jesus was touched by many others yet this touch was one that He singled out. He asked the question, who touched me? It was not in the touch, but it was in the virtue that the woman was healed.

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This story is particularly important, especially as we reflect on what a faithful touch can do. We may be living all our lives in pain and suffering with our many issues, but let us remember that it only takes one faithful touch to heal us. The big question is, are we willing to make that faithful touch?

But let us remember that it only takes one faithful touch to heal us.

Our Blessings In The Crowd

Sometimes we are surrounded by so many distractions that we lose sight of our blessings in the crowd. Within the crowd however, is the answer to our ailment which is the presence of our Lord. If ever we should reach out and touch, with that virtuous touch of faith, we will be healed. God wants to deliver us but we must reach and we must touch. We ask as we reach and we receive as we believe. Our healing and our peace both depend on this one faithful touch.

Life will often knock us down so hard that we lose the very courage to continue to fight. Sometimes the struggle is so real, that we feel the scorch of the fire of the pit of our own hell. We should never lose heart. As we read and as we meditate on the Word of God, let us note that God’s Word is active and quite powerful. Let us saturate our weakness with the abundance of His Word. As we read the Word, our faith is empowered and as our faith is empowered we are made whole. 

Be encouraged and stay afloat, as you walk be faithful and reach out and touch the garment of our God. Be Blessed!

Helpful Prayer:

Dear God, I am insufficient and I need the wholeness of your Spirit. I kindly ask for your divine unction that is the healing of the children. Grant me the faith that I need so that as I reach for your garment I might be healed. Thank You for Your grace. Amen.

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