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You Have What It Takes

Yoo have what it takes

You Have What It Takes

We are often bombarded with feelings of insufficiency and doubt, yet my most sincere admonition is that ‘You have what it takes.’ It is a lie to believe that you are not good enough, because the reality is that you are more than enough.

God took into consideration every aspect of your life before He made you. He factored in even the very little details that perfectly defines you as His prized masterpiece.

Take a look at 2 Peter 1:3, and let’s find out how the Bible explains this truth;

Perhaps one of the greatest truths about us, is that we are gifted beyond our own understanding. We are so fearfully and so wonderfully made, to the point that there is hardly anything outside our reach. All we have to do is reach. 

It is clearly written in the book of Peter (2 Peter 1:3), that God has given us all we need to live a Godly life. We often feel insufficient, yet we are fully equipped to take on whatever life throws at us. Our only insufficiency is when we deny the sufficiency of God. To deny our power, is to deny God’s power. We are powerful because God is powerful, and similarly we are sufficient because He is sufficient.

Know Who You Are

Self identity frees us. When we recognize who we are, and whose we are, we will begin to see the great expanse of our potential. The Bible says that God made man in His own image and likeness. Now, that is who we are, the image of God. We are God’s masterpiece and prized possessions. 

Our identity enables us to do all things through Christ Who strengthens us.

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When we come into identity with this reality of who and whose we are, we can safely say that we have what it takes, and in turn we must take what we want. For many of us, life has told us differently. Often we become so battered, yet it’s in our batter that we learn how to swim. We also become very weak sometimes, but it is in our weakness that God enacts His strength.

Don’t be discouraged.

You have what it takes‘ to be who God has called you to be. This might be hard to see in the natural, but you must see beyond the natural. Through eyes of faith, you must constantly observe the hands of God, working things out for your good.

The truth is that God has equipped us to accomplish whatever He has predestined for us to accomplish. God has engraved in our DNA the prerequisite substance, which for us, is our measure of faith. We must first believe this to be so, and in turn we must act in like manner.

As you travel through the rough patches of this life, remember that God is travelling with you. As you encounter the impassable troubled waters of this dimension, consider that it is not by our might, nor is it by our power, but it is through the Spirit of our Big and Mighty God that we will overcome. 

It is not that we have the safest hands that will enable us to take what we want from this life, but it is that we have the Greatest God that will empower us to do so.

As We Conclude

Whatever the situations you are facing, or however great is your lack, look away from self, and look to the Lord who is your strength. There is no confidence in self, but as we abide in His true vine, He enables us to take from life what we desire. Trust God and live!

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