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Through The Badlands Of Time

Through The Badlands Of Time

Life can be hard in the midst of the great unknown. As we travel along, we often become really anxious. Our anxiety is mostly a result of us not having control over what’s going on. I have a friend who will never go on a roller coaster ride. His argument is that he stays away from whatever he cannot control. In the case of the roller coaster he has a way of escape, but what happens when there is no escape? Imagine being stuck in a very uncomfortable situation that you cannot control and you cannot get out of.

What happens when you travel through the badlands of time?

 Time is duration. It is the passing of our struggles and the lasting of our pains. Now, how do you endure the badlands of time? Let’s refer to badlands as a type of dry land where very few plants grow.

Many times we travel through the badlands.I’m talking about the times when we are so cut up that we get use to it. As we travel through the badlands, our only hope is to make it through. These badlands, they are so uncomfortable that we wouldn’t want to stay for a day. We may not want to stay in these lands for a day, yet at times we have to stay for what seems like a life.

As we travel through the badlands, our only hope is to make it through.

Navigating The Badlands

Badlands are areas that have been so badly eroded that they change their very forms. They are mountains and valleys that have little vegetation and where strong winds are plenty. Can you relate to these lands? I know there are people who have been so battered that they change in form. One day I was in the elevator going to my apartment and little did I know that I looked really worried. A very friendly lady entered the elevator for a short while and as she came off she uttered, “have a good day and don’t worry so much.”

I didn’t know that I looked so sad. At that time I was in some serious trouble with my family life. My life was falling apart and I was so unsure. I was a homeless and hopeless little man trying to make sense of what was going on. Was God really there or did He shortfall on His Word? As I reflected on the life giving words from the lady on the elevator, I consider how they are so bitter sweet. On the one hand, she made such a huge impact that shifted my mood yet on the other hand her words pointed out a perplexed me. 

My Point

You might wonder what’s the point I am trying to get at here. What I’m trying to say is that life can be like a bully. As we travel in time, we travel through the badlands. Whether it be poverty in its many forms, or sickness or loneliness, we often cry for help. Sometimes help is so hard to find yet help is everywhere. All things are for us as much as God is for us. In these badlands if we just remember Who is for us, then we will know that He Who is for us, is greater than he who is against us. 

There are things that we can do in order to make it through these badlands. The very most important thing is to be faithful and see beyond these lands into our promised land. Below are five things that are inevitable for us to do, if ever we should make it to the other side.

5 Things To Do To Make It through.


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1. Never Give Up

The most important decision that you can ever make, is the decision to never give up. To Never Give up means that as you travel through the badlands of time, you keep going. Life will get hard but keep going. You will fall down sometimes but get up, brush off and keep going. It doesn’t matter which direction our problems come from, what matters it that each situation that comes we challenge it the same way, To Never Give Up.

 2.Burn Your Bridges : 

Another important thing you must do in order to continue, is to make sure you can’t go back. To ensure this, you must burn the bridges as you move along. To burn the bridges means to cut all ties that would lead you back into the past so as to ensure you have to go on. Given the choice to go back or to stay, we naturally go back. Going back is the easier option and that’s why we have to make sure we can’t go back. 

3.Be Faithful In Learning The Many Lessons: 

Some of the most sacred and life changing lessons are learnt in the fiery furnace of our own despair. When you are cut until you bleed then you will empathize with the ones who bleed. As life processes you through its furnace, it also purifies you as gold. Some of the most humble and loving people I have met are those who have passed through hell but made it out alive. In your faithfullness just keep going and be strong while learning the lessons as you move along.

A strong person is not born strong, but rather learns to be strong. We must pass the tests of life in order to advance into our full potential. As we fall down, we learn to get up. When we have to be strong, we learn to be strong. 

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4. Empower Yourself:

Almost all the knowledge that we lack is somewhere hidden in a book or a blog or in someone’s heart. Don’t be afraid to empower yourself beyond your weakness, because that is the death of weakness. Saturate yourself with power and life giving truth and the fear and the bewilderment will vanish. Work on yourself, take care of yourself and find peace with the thought that it will be well. If it’s not ok just know it is not the end because in the end it will be ok. Keep Going.

5. Empower Those Around You

Little did you know, that as you empower your surrounding, you are empowered. As you utter the breath of life in someone else’s situation, the breath of life is sufficient for you. There have been many instances where I was able to empower the people around me while empowering my own self. 

Sometimes the words that I speak I have never heard before. Sometimes when I read over what I write, I am truly blessed. In your own little way, empower the people you interact with. It may be through your conversations, or your writing, or your presence. It really doesn’t matter how, what matters is that you offer such kindness as to empower the people around you.

As We Conclude

The human being is so gifted that we can stand up to any occasion and be strong. We can use our boldness to conquer our fear and use our enlightenment to trample despair. As you travel through your own badlands, be bold. As Bob Marley once said, “You Never Know How Strong You Are Until Being Strong Is The Only Option You Have.” Because you have the breath of life, be strong, and remember to keep going. Be Blessed!

Orlando Rowe

Orlando C. Rowe is an author and also the founder of Powered to Empower. He is a simple young man who loves to encourage people in the ways God has gifted him. Take some time, and browse the Powered to Empower website to view some of his other work.

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