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The Young Man’s Cry

The Young Man's cry

The Young Man’s Cry

This poem emphasizes the enormous need of the young man in the line “The Young Man’s Cry.” In no way would I ignore the need of other groups ,but the young man has a very special need. We live in a society that is very much against the young man and his ability to thrive is crippled. 

He cries but none can see, he tries on a bending knee. Being a young man, I understand the depths of the despair we often face. Sometimes the pain is so real that it doesn’t seem to want to go away. I hope that you will at least become opened to have a conversation on this matter. Have a good read!

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The Young Man’s Cry


They don’t see the tears the young man cries,

They don’t see the times when the young man tries…

The young man’s sigh, they don’t hear his song,

But they do see the wrongs when the young man’s wrong…


The need he harbours in greed they ignore,

They don’t know the times when he is not sure…

They don’t feel his pain, they don’t see his trials,

but they do see the filth in the young man’s files…


I hear the resounds of the young man’s way,

I see him as he walks into everyday…

His broken soul, his wounded will,

I see in the distant the young man’s ill…


The young man’s hill, so steep and steady,

There is great need to get the young man ready…

They don’t see the cries in the young man’s eyes,

The young man sighs, he looks to the prize…


But I see the young man on his way,

I walk with him proudly everyday!


Orlando Rowe


Their Similar Cry For Help

When I listen to the Young Man’s Cry, I am often filled with grief. I have had the opportunity to work with troubled youths from all backgrounds. I often question them just to understand why they choose to do what they do.As and when they reply, I hear the hopelessness and the great anger that they travel with. Whether it’s parental neglect, poverty or peer pressure, they all have a reason to to be sad. 

Sometimes my heart is so heavy and I try to encourage them in the best ways I can.One thing I’m sure of and it’s that they need help. I hope that you will begin to see this need and as a result offer your own unique intervention.

We may never know the great despair around us. The more I reflect on this poem, the more I understand why it was written. It was written for the young and the mature, to sensitize and to uplift. On the one hand it helps me up in my often despair, on another hand it was written out of my own despair.

I know there is hope because I have both tasted and seen that this hope exists. The thing is, together we must keep trying, and try into a better day. Let us move forward together and regardless of how we identify ourselves, let us move forward in Love. 


I know there is hope because I have both tasted and seen that this hope exists. The thing is, together we must keep trying, and try into a better day.

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