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A Poem I Wrote by the Lakeside

A Poem I Wrote by the Lakeside

This is a poem I wrote by the lakeside, just at the onset of a beautiful Spring day. It is often in the placidity of God’s wonderful creation that we most deeply find ourselves. This is what I found by the Lakeside, as I  was engulfed by the peace and still breeze of God. 

The birds were singing, and the fierce rays of the sun basked my soul with His Great Presence. The waters were glistening, and the majestic face of the heavens looked down.

In the grace of this moment, I felt the comforting presence of the Holy Spirit. I hope that as you read, you will be inspired and you will also spend some time to interact with nature, and ingest the abounding presence of God.

Read and blessed.

Oh Holy Spirit

Pamper me, oh Holy Spirit,

Tinkle me, Most Holy Being.

Your glory Lord, take me in it,

To a land I’ve never been.


Splash on me, oh Fountain,

Please help me up this mountain.

For my praise digests in You,

And for my days I’ll rest in You.


My life is Yours, for You I live,

See this fractured heart I give.

See these tears running like a River, 

Yet oh Holy Ghost, Your grace is like a siever.


I hear the birds pronouncing Your name, 

And I see herds, doing the same.

As I hear the music of the thunders,

I’m embellished by Your Wonders.


Oh Comforter, hear my song I sing,

See these praises that I bring.

Pamper me, Most Holy Being,

Take me to a place, that I have never seen.


Please share this poem with someone you believe it can help, God Bless You!

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