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The Burden Of Unforgiveness

The Burden Of Unforgiveness

The Burden of Unforgiveness

When you are in a position where you have to forgive, you are in a very difficult position. You must however note that the burden of unforgiveness is a very heavy load to carry. Even though forgiveness is such a difficult task, you must forgive, because forgiveness is necessary for us to proceed. If you try and fail, try again and practice forgiveness until you get it.

In my mid twenties, I had to endure a very difficult patch. I was marred by the scars of a past I couldn’t change. For me, I was constantly bombarded with the burden of a heavy and an unforgiving heart. I was so hurt from a past event that I felt it was my right to hold on to the poison of grudge. 

There was a daily struggle, as I sought to make sense out of what had happened to me. My bitterness was very great. I started to harbour great anger and resentment in my life. My anger and hurt caused me to react to situations in some ways I will never be proud of.

An unforgiving heart is a heart that entertains sins and this I did very well. I was in a very depressed state and I was so disappointed that I couldn’t see beyond my present situation. Eventhough I practised it, there is no excuse for unforgiveness as it is a very great sin. We tend to want to justify our grudge but God is saying leave all vengeance to me. At some point I realized that unforgiveness was too heavy to carry around with me. I had to make a conscious decision that it is necessary to forgive.

The journey of forgiveness can be a very great and lofty task, but the grace of God will propel us there!

This burden I carried was a result of my refusal to forgive and to let go of a past I could not change. At one point in my life, my heart was so overwhelmed that my healing was inevitable. I cried to the hills where I knew there was strength.God helped me and I know he can help you too. Due to my own journey through the badlands of unforgiveness, I totally understand the person who struggles with an unforgiving heart.

I want to encourage you today that whatever you are holding to, let it go. It is really not worth the while to harbour hate. Hate will destroy the very nature of God within us. We cannot serve God and the sin of unforgiveness at the same time. We must make the choice and the choice must be to forgive and to move on. 

Forgiveness takes courage but you have what it takes.

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Yes you might have been severely hurt and yes it might have left indelible marks. However the wise thing to do is to let it go. To travel with the load of unforgiveness is as diabolic as suicide because eventually it will kill you. An unforgiving heart will cause you to do things you are not proud of. It may cause you to hurt the people you care for in the worst ways.

I implore you to let it go and grow in the way of righteousness. As you venture into the future, remember there is no future in the past. You must make the conscious decision to be kind enough to forgive. As you forgive, God will in turn forgive you and you will experience the freedom of a heart free of grudge. God bless you and whatever you do never give up on your journey to forgive.

Helpful prayer: Dear God, Please help me on my journey to forgive the people who have done me wrong. I pray that you will open up my eyes that I may identify with my own need so that I may understand the need of others to be forgiven. Help me as I seek to help the people around me do the same. Amen.

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