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Today I’m thankful, for the heavenly feasts,

For the ray that pierces my soul with peace!

Im thankful, for the joy on my platter,

That my Christ is risen, and my enemies scatter!


Oh the gratitude, that’s fierce as a roar,

For if I knock; when I knock, he opens the door…

And I’m thankful for the bounteous flow,

The scripts of his fingers and the mercies they show!


Jah knows the lines of the faults of the quakes,

He arranges the breadth and the width it takes…

And I parade in praise, when His kingdom comes,

When he plays my heart like the harps and the drums!


Im thankful for the storms and their doctrines,

The bows and the arrows and the pricks from the pins…

For had I not been afflicted my soul would burn,

Every lesson they teach are the lessons I learn…


Oh the magnanimity of His divinity, the trace of grace,

Im thankful for the thorns of His embrace…

For if I despise His ways, I couldn’t be son,

I’m thankful for all, and ungracious for none!


~Orlando Rowe

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