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Still I Stand

Still I Stand

‘Still I Stand’


Still I stand, anchored by His Spirit,

Pressed on every side, yet I will never quit.

Christ is my resurrection, death is gone away,

Christ is my perfection, I sit and I pray…


I hold, constrained by His hands,

Tamed by His love, I adapt to His plans.

‘Woe is me, ‘I am utterly undone,

So I rest, rooted deeply, I rest in His Son…


He chastens me, He renders His rebuke,

I can’t unwind such paradox; He feeds me in the brook…

He leads me to perfection; OH, I bawl,

He quenches deep, my soul He keeps; I’m led by His holy haul…


I thank my God, I hope in His grace,

Tilled in my soil, for sure, for sure, I’ll see His face!

I cry at my Saviour, ‘how long, my Christ how long?’

Lord I’ve been weak, but forever You are strong!



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