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Run Your Race With Endurance.

run the race with endurance

Run Your Race With Endurance.

Scripture Reference : Matthew 24:13

But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

The important part of a race is not how we start that race but how we finish it. The one who is able to make it through the rigorous demands of the race is the one who will be crowned the winner. The book of Matthew in chapter 24 and verse 13 speaks of this same principle. Jesus was teaching this divine principle but in this instance it was about eternal salvation. Jesus was saying here that the ones that will be saved are the ones that have the courage and the proclivity to finish. Finishing can be the most uncomfortable of tasks and it is also the most rewarding.

For today consider the joy in finishing the journey that we started and press towards the mark. You have all that it takes to come out victorious as Christ has already completed the victory for us. Our job is to believe to the very end. We are constantly bombarded with the many challenges of life but we should never let these challenges change our minds, we should move forwards with the mindset that even if the battle kills us, Christ is our resurrection. Let us walk this marriage with divine commitment.

Today I want our prayer to be one that petitions for the spirit of endurance. Scripture states that the Father will be willing to give good gifts to those who ask Him and so we will ask for this good gift of endurance so that we may finish the race which wee started.

Today's Prayer

Dear God, You promised in your word that whatever we ask for in faith You will give unto us. Father I ask for the spirit of endurance that I may finish this race for which I seek your eternal prize. I also pray that you will help me to help others around me to finish well also. Thank You for Your divine guidance. Amen.

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