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Some Things Are Worth Fighting For

Some Things Are Worth Fighting For

Purpose is the order of the day. When we fight ,what is the reason for our fight? In this reason is purpose, and purpose is worth fighting for. If the thing we fight for is of a value that makes our lives better then fight with might and be a go getter. The Bible says that we should seek and we will find. Seeking is not merely praying and waiting, but seeking is persistently fighting for what we want in the divine process of faith.

Carefully analyze the thing you pursue and ensure it is worth the while. Whatever things are true ,nobel, right, pure and lovely are the things that are worth the fight. As you go about your day, don’t lose courage in the fight because you are a winner ,not a quitter. It is also never too late to redirect course. If you have to change direction, just do it.Nothing can ever be done if you don’t do it and so do it and it will be done.

Challenge each moment with confidence in the fact that you believe and as you believe you receive. Today our prayer should be asking God for divine direction that as we fight, we will fight for that which is worthwhile. Let us pray this prayer of faith and believe that He who hears us will also answer us. 


Today's Prayer

Dear God, You promised in your word that whatever I ask for in faith I will receive. Today I ask for Your divine guidance and wisdom that I will fight for the right things that are good for my life. Let you Spirit walk with me that I may be a light in someone else’s path. Amen.

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