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In the midst of what’s going on,keep going. There is never a good reason to give in...

-Orlando C. Rowe

In a world so filled with toxic noise,we need a place to unload the burdens of our plight and to refill our empty tanks. In the worst of times I implore you to experience the best of times!

-Orlando C. Rowe

Often the things meant to break you are the things that make you. Pay attention!

-Orlando C. Rowe

"Faith is when you look beyond what is going on and see the hands of God working to your advantage. It's when you know for a fact that the best is yet to come!"

-Orlando C. Rowe
"No matter how hard life gets or how impassable our paths may be,use the same strategy,the strategy of never giving up. God is with you where ever you go

-Orlando C. Rowe
"Little by little we climb, step by step we reach,time after time we patiently proceed the stairways of the corridors of life. Don't surrender or succumb to defeat, give permission for the story to find its way"

-Orlando C. Rowe
Do what you do diligently, render your services out of a place of sincerity knowing that you are rewarded for every effort. I pray that your reward will fill your plates and that your hunger will be filled.

-Orlando C. Rowe
It doesn’t matter how ‘out of control’ things may seem, God is still in control. God can heal you in whatever you are going through. Be strong!
-Orlando C. Rowe


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