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The 15 Minutes of Wisdom Podcast is was created to bring across our message of Power and Purpose to a diverse crowd. With weekly episodes touching a wide range of topics, we aim to provide a meaningful listener experience and we encourage you to tune in on a weekly basis. We hope our episodes will bless you and that you will be Empowered To Empower!

Wisdom For The Soul!

Latest Episode

Little By Little

Orlando Rowe//July. 3. 2019// Episode #1

It is little by little that we complete life’s great mission. As we travel through time we learn how to make the little steps that will complete the big journey. This is a divine principle that we can identify with in most areas of our lives. This episode of our podcast will bring to you the importance of staying faithful in your little until you are blessed with much.

Older Episodes

Freeing Yourself Of Yesterday

Orlando Rowe//July. 6. 2019// Episode #2

Yesterday is often the greatest hinderance to reaching into tomorrow. In order to advance victoriously we must as a result understand the complex scenario of the past and the power we have to create the future. This episode will inspire you to let go of the past and to stride into tomorrow with confidence. Be Blessed!

Keep Praying With Your Whole Attitude

Orlando Rowe//July. 13. 2019// Episode #3

As we pray we must learn how to pray well. Prayer is best done when we understand what it is and how to do it. It takes a particular language in order for our prayers to reach God. This episode will remove the veils that once blocked your understanding and inspire you to keep praying!

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