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Look And Behold: A Story You’ve Never Been Told

Look And Behold: A Story You’ve Never Been Told

Look and Behold


The seas, the breeze, the trees,

And the cattle on the hill…

The earth is the Lord’s, all knees,

The peace, the man, the will!

Take a look, the eyes and the view,

All of creation testifies anew…

That the Lord has fashioned the glory,

That the Lord has scribed the story!

The sounds of the quiescence,

Of all that come from whence…

Are the Lord’s, as He permits,

The awe in every splendor He knits!

The times and seasons as spices,

The reason for things, divisor and devices!

For Christ is first and last,

The future, the present, the past…

Cease and ponder, of the lightning and thunder,

What Jah has united, who shall put asunder?

For he breathes into the expanse,

And all he commands come at once!

How mighty, the Almighty, His ways,

We surrender every praise…

The days, the time, the view,

Jah created all, and you!

~Orlando Rowe

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