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I Weep

I Weep

I Weep


I weep, till depths are found,

I roar, I must rebound…

I must adorn I and I with a song,

I’m strong, with Jah, I’m strong!


I bawl, the bellow blows,

I rise, for Christ He rose…

My deepness is as an eternal want,

But “hear me, Thou near me”, I chant!


Conquer these fears that haunt in me,

Have mercy my God, set me free!

Harken my plea, Christ unfailing…

Touch my wounded wailing!


For the pressure pains in stings,

Jah You know all things…

As the waters flow, my cry is nigh,

Fill this temple, Christ come by!


My weep is as a mighty river,

Oh Jah my God, you must deliver!

They pest me when my tears do flow,

Christ you know, my Christ you know!


Rescue me, oh rescue my captivity, For Him who you set, is free!

~Orlando Rowe

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