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I Change

I Change

‘I Change’


Like a caterpillar with wings, like day turns night,

There’s change through actions, in the hour of twilight.

Things that were not done, come into existence,

On a path of enmity, ups and downs, there’s need for self-defence.


Like a second gone null, and the wind that changes course,

Not the will of the mind, but results of a reigning force.

The heart remains the heart, and the mind remains aligned,

The person that once was can be deeply still defined….


But the present has struck, for actions to adjust,

There are things that may be done, and things that are a must.

I fetch water in drought, but shelter from the rain,

The passions of the deepest heart, such passions still remain.


Don’t judge me dear brother, let him who greens the trees,

Let him who sweets the honey from the bottom of the bees.

Pray for me oh sister, don’t leave me all alone,

In times when I have fallen, don’t leave me on my own.


As blood floods our veins, so shall changes for you and I,

Shadow me from the rain; wipe my tears when I cry.

The circumstances change, so doth the sinful soul,

But all I ask and plea, protect me from the cold.


~Orlando Rowe~

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