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I Am

I Am

‘I Am’


Like a gallop on a trail,

Against the wind, as a sail.

I’m a hope with a breath,

For a journey unto death.


I’m a shield that quenches darts,

The fuel of a failing heart.

I’m the life that cannot die,

I’m a man who will ever try!


I’m a star that ever shines,

And I’m the lost that ever finds…

A breathless breath that breathes eternal,

I’m a benevolently vicious animal!


I’m a grain that will surely die,

A resurrection that blossoms by and by!

And I’m the trail that tracks the cross,

And I’m the sail that glides across…


A vulnerable little man, am I,

A rebel unto Jah, am I…

And though my heartaches multiply,

I’m a man who will ever try!!



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