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Here is what Satan doesn’t want you to know.

Here is what Satan doesn’t want you to know.

What satan doesn't want you to know

Have you ever wondered about what is Truth? We can never deny the significance of the Truth as even the Bible says, “and you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free, John 8:32.” This scripture is very particular when it says, ‘you will know the Truth’. It means that we could know a lie, but not the Truth. According to this verse, there is also one particular Truth that will set us free!

Regardless of our subjective reasoning, there is one Truth that has no regards for personal interpretations. This is because this Truth is True! In other words, this Truth is the standard for Truth and so signifies itself within itself. In fact, this Truth is not something that we know, but rather someone that we experience. 

The scripture says that life and death is in the tongue, which is quite synonymous to the fact that life and death is also in the Truth. If the tongue speaks the truth, it triggers life, but if it speaks lies, it summons death. We see here that there is a very important relationship between Truth and Life. In their fullness, there cannot be one without the other. How can we have Truth without Life, or how can we otherwise find Life without Truth?

Satan doesn’t want us to know the Truth. 

It is absolutely true, that the most freeing knowledge is the Truth. Perhaps this is why satan doesn’t want us to know the Truth, because the Truth will set you free! Truth here refers to the WORD of God. It is written that in the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God, and the WORD was God.  As a result of this, when we seek the knowledge of God, we should ultimately be seeking God.

What satan wants is to have us reading the Truth, but not knowing it. I believe there are many people who have read the Truth, but they still live a life of lies.  Consider the world that we live in, how we all have access to the good news of the Gospel, yet the world abhors this Gospel. They read it, and have access to it, but they have not opened up their hearts to the concept of Truth. As a result, we live in a world that puddles in sin. Yet when we know the Truth, as the Bible declares, the Truth will set us free!

The Truth about who we are

One of the most rewarding adventures we can undergo is getting to know who we are. Beyond the feelings of insufficiency and doubt, we are marvellously made by the very hands of God. The Bible speaks very highly about us, to the point where Jesus said “Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?” The truth is that you have what it takes! This is not by virtue of your own merit, but this is because you were made in the image of God. As a result, you have been made with illimitable potential, to the point where the impossible becomes possible.

The Bible is saturated with the concept of the truth of who we are. This truth is what Jesus knows and what we must know. It is also what Satan knows about us that he doesn’t want us to know.

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Imagine if Jesus didn’t know who He was, as He marched towards the old rugged cross. What if He never knew about His Father up in Heaven, and that the Kingdom must come! Yet Jesus acted out His divine knowing, and He marched towards the cross. We too must act out of our divine knowing, marching towards our own cross, and willing to lose our life in order to gain it. 

Hebrew definition of Knowledge and Truth

Before we can fully understand ‘Knowing the Truth,’we must first understand the root of these two words, Knowledge and Truth.

Knowledge, as used in the Bible, comes from the Jewish word da’at, which is the noun form of the verb ya’da which means to know. In the western world, we tend to define knowledge as possessing information. Yet the Hebrew word ya’da takes on a more literal and intimate form. To know, according to the Hebrew genesis, is to understand through experience and to trust through obedience. It’s not merely possessing, but also coming to the point of actualization, and being! Simply put, to know the Truth, is to live it!

Truth, as used in the scriptures, comes from the root word emet, which in Hebrew, is made up of three letters, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the middle letter and the last letter.  To fully understand truth, we will have to look at the actual Hebrew word  אֱמֶת.

 There are 22 letters in the hebrew alphabet (Aleph-Bet). The three letters that make up the word Emet are the beginning (א), middle (מ), and the end (ת) of the Hebrew alphabet. This means that TRUTH is all of scripture. Truth is not just the parts …
photo credit: herroyalroots.com

If we look at the photo above, we see that the letter Tav (ת) is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Mem (מֶ ) is the middle letter and Alef (אֱ) is the last. Here we will see that the Hebrew word for truth is really saying that Truth was, Truth is and Truth is to come. Truth is the beginning and the end, the first and the last. It is the fact of the matter, and the way things are, from beginning to end.

Benefits of knowing the Truth

As we look at the Truth, let us also look at some of the important benefits of knowing it. on this note, here are ‘5 benefits of knowing the truth, and why satan doesn’t want us to know it’.

1) Truth rids Lightlessness

I remember when we were growing up in the mountainous terrains of the Jamaican countryside,  my friends and I  were adventurous children. One occasion I can never forget was a time I followed some older youths into an underground cave. They wanted to scare us and so they turned off the lights on us. As the light was turned off all I remember seeing was the deepest part of darkness. This might have been where the blackness of darkness was. It was so dark, that no matter how close I was to any object, it was impossible for me to see it.

I remember as they turned back on the lights, how freeing that moment was. The most glorious thing was to see the Light. I compare this event, to the point where God moves us ‘from darkness, into His glorious light.’

Oh how wonderful is the freedom of the knowledge of God!

Imagine being in a position of lightlessness. From a spiritual sense, we might be rowing but we are not going, like being in a rocking chair, that keeps us moving but gets us nowhere. Satan wants to keep us in a rocking chair, but God wants us to walk independently. Amidst the opposition that we face, God wants to empower us with the knowledge of His abundant life. 

The Bible says that God has called us from darkness into His glorious Light. Knowledge is Light, and so Satan doesn’t want us to know. Perhaps more than anything else, we should seek to know God. This is because the knowledge of God will aid us in our warfare to the point of victory. It will rid our lightlessness and empower us with the bulb of freedom.

2) The Truth will Give us peace and power

One beautiful thing about knowing the Truth, is that the truth will take away our anxiety and worry. There is a song that saysIf you know the Lord is keeping you, what you gonna worry about?

I believe this is perfectly accurate, because when we truly know that God is always with us, we will not worry, but instead we will worship. We will also be empowered to face life’s challenges from a place of faith. Faith is our power, and so if we walk by faith, we walk by power.

Consider the turmoil our soul often experiences, and wonder what it would be if we truly believed that God is always with us. What if we fully believed that we are more than conquerors. Imagine the added peace we would have, if we always held to the Truth that nothing can separate us from the love of our great God. I believe that the key to peace is to know the Truth, and the fuel of power is to be lead by the Truth.

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3) The Truth is our freedom.

The scripture says, “where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

We might not consider that knowledge is a Spirit. The Bible speaks about the seven Spirits of God, and knowledge is one of them. Isaiah said (Isaiah 11:2 ), “And the Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord.” As we speak about knowledge, let us not confuse it with information. Remember that “Knowledge is Spirit!”

Often our bondage is not because we are not free, but it’s because we don’t know that we are . If we do not know then we cannot be, because to know is to also be! The good news is that we the children of God are always free. We might think we are are bound, yet we are fully free. It is written that the Spirit of the Lord is always with us and so we are always free. 

We might be tormented, and pressed on every side, pierced by the arrows of the day, and bewildered by the darkness of the night, yet we are as free as the wind of God. We are eternal, illimitable, vast beyond measures and cosmic beyond degree, simply because we are offsprings of God. This Truth, as the Bible says, will set us free. 

4) The Truth will set us sailing

One thing we should note is that as we know the truth we are not only set free, but we will also be set sailing. We’ll be sailing along the pathway of the predestined purpose of God. Furthermore we will be sailing in the direction that offers us perfect peace and unhindered power.

It is often said that knowledge is power, but only knowledge of the Truth can give us freedom. Human power often stems from corruption, but true freedom stems from the knowledge of God. It is the knowledge that we are God’s, and that we are gods, that will unravel our illimitable potential. When we know who we are, then we will me immovable. We wont sway with the wind, but we will be firm and strong, and vigilant and brave.

When life wounds us, we wont be staggered, but we will continue to be resolute, knowing that  circumstances do not define us, the Word of God does. We will know that the filth that often covers us does not take away the hidden gem that is present on the inside.

In our darkest days, it is the knowledge of the Light that will be the lantern on our feet.


5) The Truth renders satan harmless

It is true that we are powerful to the point where we can walk on the heads of our enemies. we can trample on every lie and deceit, and on every plan of our enemy. The true enemy I’m talking about here is lucifer, the evil and lying one. 

As Jesus spoke to his disciples in Luke 10, he said to them;

Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you

Before that, Jesus said that He saw satan fall from heaven like a lightening. This renders satan harmless. As we pass through life’s troubled seas, we should shift our gaze from looking at satan, and we should see that the prominence of God always prevails. Our God is always in control, of every situation, in every time, and the enemy has forever been defeated. When we know this truth, we can truly walk in our power, perpetually crushing the head of the serpent.


As we rap up, let us reiterate the truth within us, the Truth that we are God’s and that we are gods. Let us take a firm stance on this Truth, knowing that where there is Truth, there is the Light of freedom. Let us also reaffirm that where there is Truth, there is God.

As you go, be empowered by the Truth of God. Satan will always try to keep you from the Truth, but God is True. The enemy will come with lies, but our Truth is the WORD of God. This means that whatever God says is true, is Truth. When satan wants to lie to you, go back to the WORD who is God, and stand in your position. God bless you, and keep keeping on!

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