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Heavy Heart

Heavy Heart

Sometimes our hearts are so heavy yet our tears are so light. Many days we travel with the fears and the uncertainty of our reality. God is there specifically for you. Christ came so that our burdens may be lighter, as He emphasized in the scripture, “My yoke is easy, My Burden is light.” 

It’s not worthwhile to travel with heaviness and I hope that as you reflect on the lines in this poem, you will find the courage to travel light. This poem was written in a state of heaviness, yet I found that God was there to deliver me. As you read, may you be blessed!

Heavy Heart

Heavy Heart, Light Tears,

Piercing fears through the years.

Yet Jah He knows and cares,

With Me My Burden Bears.


Plump pains, through bitter veins,

Lasting stains on fortified chains,

Yet redemption songs remain,

Songs of praise drill my brain!


As birth pangs prick, the slit of thorns,

I’m weathered daily, whipped and worn

Bricked all burred in a solitary space,

Still the strings of Jah, they bid me grace…


How I look upon His face, Incarcerated,

Twisted among the faint, Heavily weighted.

My cries remain, cries of crave,

For the fingers of God to come and save…


Heavy Heart, light tears,

Piercing fears through the years..

In the solitudes of your despair, keep breathing and keep going. There is never a point where you are ever alone. All the people around you may be dormant in your life, but God is ever present. As you hope, hope in the fact that Jah is there. Be Blessed!

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