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The number one enemy of the future is the past. As we move forward, it is important for us to rid ourselves of the strong hold of yesterday. Yesterday continue reading

There is a law for forgiveness and we must follow this law if we are to be forgiven of our own sinfulness. In Matthew Jesus teaches us this law. The simple law is this…continue reading

One day I visited a friend and for some reason he was so elated I just stared at his excitement. I later found out that he was pardoned for a some…continue reading

In my mid twenties, I had to endure a very difficult patch.I was marred by the scars of a past I couldn’t change. For me I was constantly bombarded with the burden of a continue reading

To forgive is to love and love is kindness. When a person is in need of our forgiveness , our most kind response is in an act of forgiveness. Imagine continue reading

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