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Forgiveness Is Kindness and Kindness is Love

Forgiveness Is Kindness and Kindness is Love

forgiveness is kindness

Forgiveness is a very beautiful activity, yet forgiveness can be one of our hardest quests. Regardless of its complexity, it is love to forgive, and Forgiveness is Kindness.

God has shown His own Love for us when He came as the son of man, to offer Himself as a sacrifice for our sins. This is deep and potent knowledge, but most of all, this is healing knowledge.

When we are aware of the great power of forgiveness, we will forgive others. It will also cause us to freely accept the forgiveness of God.

It is Love to Forgive, because 'Forgiveness is Kindness.'

When a person is in need of our forgiveness , our most kind response is to forgive this person. Imagine if God holds our sins against us. The abundance of our sins would drown us in hell. 

However this is far from the truth, because God has chosen to forgive us and has decided to throw our sins into the abyss. This way there will be no record of our sins, and also no charge. God had done the most kind gesture in forgiving us and we should do the same to the people we interact with. 

If you have ever been in a position where you yearned for forgiveness, and in turn received that forgiveness, then you will know how redeeming this can be. For the sinner, forgiveness is as honey to the hungry.

Forgiveness is Kindness to Self

When we forgive, we are not only kind to the person we forgive, but we are also kind to ourselves. We must realize that we are the most vulnerable targets of our own grudge. 

When we hold someone in our hearts, most times that person can never see the black heart with stains of sins that we travel with. What happens though, is that we feel all the emotional pains and sufferings of unforgiveness. We also receive the reward of grudge, which is sin.

We should be kind enough to forgive, because as we forgive, we lighten our own loads.  We’ll also rid ourselves of the chains of the past that we can never change. 

Forgiveness is a choice

Our emotions will want to play tricks on us. Some days you may feel that you have forgiven your victim, some days you may feel that you don’t. The thing is, emotions change as the direction of the wind. We must chose to forgive and we must seek to forget. 

Whether or not we forgive is serious business. Forgiveness is so important to the other areas of our lives, that the sooner we chose to forgive is the sooner we will advance into our power.

Up and Down Our Emotions Row, But Our Grudge We Must Still Let Go.”

As you go through today, ask Holy Spirit to search your heart and see if there is any unforgiveness in you. Also allow the cleansing power of God to filter out any such sin. Be blessed, stay strong and whatever you do, never give up on your journey to forgive.

Helpful Prayer: Dear God, I pray that you will search my heart and see if there be any wicked way in me. Cleanse me from all my sins and set me free I pray. I forgive the people who have done me wrong and I also forgive myself for any unforgiveness I have caused to bring harm to my life. Help me to forgive myself for hurting others. Grant me strength as I go. Amen

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