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Consider : The Wonderful Things He Made

Consider : The Wonderful Things He Made


All we have to do is to look and see the wonderful work of God. When we Consider God’s Greatness, we will experience the profundity of His love. From the beautiful landscapes to the far stretched seas, all the creation exalts our King. 

The Bible says that He is before all things and in Him all things consist and find their being (Colossians 1:17). We have no other alternative but to ‘Consider‘ the mysteries and see the hands of our Saviour. 

This poem was written in praise and worship for our God. I hope it blesses you well.


Consider the trees, and the whistle of the wind,

Consider the birds, in the sky they are pinned…

The sound of the waves in the abundant deep,

The cry of the brave, as the sigh of a weep.


The grace of the creek, consider the sound,

Consider the rains when on roofs they pound!

Examine the quakes, as they move along faults,

Hear the creation as Jah it exalts!


Consider the man who is stuck in his way,

And consider the light that brightens his day

Ponder the cold, the cold of the hurt,

Consider the cries and the craves of the earth!


Yet consider the hill from whence cometh our strength,

The love from its rays, in its width and its length!

Behold the sunshine, as it basks the naked skins,

And the moments of joy on the earth when it spins.


Consider the all and see the king,

The light of life in everything!

Behold the hands that made all these,

Consider the grace that sets us at ease!


Orlando Rowe

As we look and behold the splendor of God, we should also consider His great love. We should never cease to ‘Consider God’s Greatness,’ and realize that all things have been made for us to explore and to enjoy. I hope that you will take the time and ponder on the Light of Life in all things. God bless you.

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