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Built To Endure

Built to Endure

Built To Endure

The quality of a product is solely dependent on the manufacturer. The manufacturer will tell us how much this product is ‘Built to Endure.’ The manufacturer will document the abilities of a product within its specifications. 

If the quality is to be known, we have to rely on the only piece of information we’ve been given by the manufacturer. We trust the manufacturer based on what we know about it and also on the past products we have used or heard of. People are more inclined to trust known quality and more skeptical when they are not sure.

God Made man

When we look at man, we find that God made him. As we look at God, we see that God has made man in His own image. The Bible say that man has been fearfully and wonderfully made to do good works on the earth (Psalm 139:14)Today we are looking at the fact that man has been ‘Built to Endure.’ 

I speak of endurance not in the sense of earthly endeavours, but in light of our heavenly cause. God has made us with the prerequisite substance and the required resources that will enable us to finish our races well. We have been built to complete the good works for which we have been made.

Man Was Made For Good Works

Often we think that God will never put us in uncomfortable and difficult situations. We believe that good work is always easy work. The reality is that good work doesn’t necessarily mean easy or comfortable work. Good work might not be easy work but good works is particularly worthwhile. We should fully commit to complete the work of God. 

We must endure beyond our difficulties in order to reach the end. The good news is, God has made us robust, and so we can challenge whatever comes our way. We’ve been made to endure and we must endure. Let’s be keen in enduring our good works, because this is the work of God.

Let us consider our Christ, as He mastered the good work of God. Jesus was predestined to die on the cross as The Sacrificial Lamb of God. The Bible tells of the agony Jesus endured as He made His was to divine destiny. They ridiculed Him and spat in His face yet for the good work set before, Jesus pressed.

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Are we able to press and to strain forward in the midst of what’s going on? I am saying to you today that in the midst of what’s going on “Keep Going On!” As we move into today I want to reiterate that whatever God has made you to do, you can do it. 

God doesn’t make failures and God made you. Therefore you can never fail. God has put within us everything we need for life and Godliness and to complete life’s great mission.Do not be a coward and never doubt the wonderful works of God.God did not shortchange you or forget you in any area of your life.

As We Conclude

You have been given the creative force of life in order to envision, to plan and to create. We can call those things that are not as though they are and we must do just this. We must speak the word of life ,that potent Word of God.

As we go on, let us own up to our divine origins and let us identify with who we are. We are Godly creatures created unto good works. We have been made to endure and to complete the good works of God. Believe and receive that your joy may be full.  Be Blessed!. 

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